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You never know where dangers and even horrors might await you. In this story, the hero found himself in just such a situation. But you need to know how everything started. Years ago, one factory was producing lovely plush toys which every child adored. But then something inexplicable happened here. One day, all the workers mysteriously disappeared as though they never existed. Nobody could understand the reason for it or find any traces. The people remained missing, and the place never worked again. But one former worker decided to explore this abandoned building again. He does not believe there is no evidence left. As you might have already guessed, this person will be our hero in this exciting game. Are you ready for an extraordinary and even gruesome adventure? Then join it!

Stay away from toy monsters!

the main character decided not to listen to the warnings and rumors that circulate about the factory. What could be dangerous here? It’s just an abandoned building. But very soon he will radically change his mind and even regret his decision. So what’s the matter? At first, everything is fine, the hero gets inside and begins to examine all the premises. It quickly gets dark, and then he realizes that he is not at all alone here. You will be really shocked to find out who is hiding in the corners all around. These are toys! Lovely plush creatures transformed into ugly monsters who are not happy that someone intruded into their home. Now, the hero needs to do all in his power to survive as the bloodthirsty toys are threatening to kill him!

Who is Huggy Wuggy?

The enemies are all around, and it is not even possible to count them all! But one monster is especially treacherous. Just have a look at this giant – he is over three meters high, shaggy and blue all over. Huggy Wuggy used to be a mascot of the factory and all children loved to play with him. But now he turned into a merciless beast who is ready to delete everyone on his way. This antagonist is grinning, and many of his victims have been misled by this ominous smile. This grin is just a trick to lure more people into the hugs of the villain, and then he will squeeze them tight to death. It will be extremely difficult to avoid such a painful outcome, so you must help the hero to stay aside from this opponent.

How to play?

Your main task is to help the hero explore everything in the factory to find the clue to the mysterious events of the past. Insane toys are guarding some terrible secrets and you must solve lots of quests and puzzles to dig out the truth. Will you have enough gut for this? Luckily, you will have a magic backpack that is equipped with magic hands that will help to reach for different objects at distance and explore them. Besides, you will be able to make friends with some toys and they will help you move on. So complete the tasks and get closer to the unbelievable clues!

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