Poppy Playtime: Chapter 4

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Have you already played Poppy Playtime? If not, then you should know what it is all about. All events unfold in the old toy factory that was standing abandoned for many years. Actually, the story started even earlier, when all people disappeared from their working places one day. No one could ever see them again. But one ex-worker still believes he can find the reason for that tragic story. So he decides to return to the factory and look for new evidence. People warned him against this plan as the rumors about the place are very scary. But it did not discourage the young man and he does not refuse from his intentions. The poor hero does not know yet that this decision will put his life in big danger the very moment he steps inside the old premises. It will soon turn out that all these gossip have very serious grounds. The factory is not empty as he expects – all toys that were left here came to life. But unfortunately, they transformed into some evil creatures that are ready to kill anyone who comes their way! So the investigation is at great risk but the protagonist is not going to give up! He is ready to confront the most terrible toys ever – Huggy Wuggy, Kissy Missy and Mommy Long Legs. And this is only a small part of the evil crowd to be defeated. Even if the player manages to trick all these bosses and continue to explore the factory, new challenges are constantly waiting for him. Here is a new adventure with a new toy monster trying to catch you. Will you be smart enough to complete all tasks and outperform a new dangerous antagonist? Then plunge into Chapter 4 of this horror series to enjoy it to the fullest. You will go through unbelievable thrills!

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