FNF vs Huggy Wuggy

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Friday Night Funkin musical series has attracted an unbelievable audience in just a year. Funny characters have been loved by thousands of players from all over the world. You know how everything started, don’t you? The main hero or Boyfriend met a lovely girl one day and fell in love forever. And Girlfriend also liked the guy. But this love story was not approved by the girl’s father, Daddy Dearest. He thought hard how to break young people apart. Daddy Dearest used to be a professional musician and a wonderful idea dawned on him – Boyfriend knows nothing about music, so he intends to force him sing and dance. Moreover, these are going to be real fights where Boyfriend will always confront someone. If the guy wants to prove he deserved the heart of the girl, he needs to dance strictly to the rhythm and repeat every beat of it without fail. If you are a fan of FNF, then you know well that lots of fan-made mods have appeared since the official release of this exciting rhythm game. But the key idea always remains the same – the main character must repeat the notes of a new song as accurately as possible. He is so much in love that he is ready for unbelievable achievements to protect his relationship.

But the problem is that the girl’s father becomes more and more inventive. So the hero has to deal with the most unexpected opponents, and even really dangerous ones. Are you daring enough to face the scariest monster ever? Even if it is only online entertainment, we promise it will keep you on your tenterhooks from the beginning to the end. Still intrigued to try it? Then welcome to a new mod where Boyfriend will be competing with Huggy Wuggy! Yes, this is that terrible monster from a horror game about crazy toys – a blue giant who leaves no chance to anybody who approaches him. Now, Huggy Wuggy does not hesitate a bit he will defeat Boyfriend on the music arena and will squeeze him tight. The hero is in great danger and needs support. He cannot lose this time when so many rap battles have been successfully won. Join the guy to coordinate his movements to match all the notes. The progress bar on the screen has to remain green until the soundtrack is over. This is the only way to get rid of the ugly creature and survive. Listen to the music and press the arrows to sync with the rhythm. Perform as well as you have never done before to let Boyfriend save his love!

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