Project Playtime

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Project Playtime: limitless possibilities for your favorite game

Plunge into the world of horrors and the most terrible childhood fears by playing the sensational action game from Mob Entertainment online!
Since the release of the first teaser, which took place in 2022, an impressive legion of fans has formed, actively discussing new updates, monster characters, added passage maps, and a plot today.
All news about gaming features are regularly posted on Twitter. And in the trailers you can learn a lot of interesting things from the gameplay.

What will surprise this time the gameplay?

The first great news is that the game is available online, so any gamer can freely become a member. The second news is that you will not go through the story map in splendid isolation. The multiplayer mode involves team play, so six experienced players are already in a hurry to help you.
You have to become a specialist in the extraction of various resources. Start collecting toys that are in different parts of the abandoned factory. To succeed in this difficult task, you need to solve difficult puzzles.
But beware of the monsters! Their task is to defeat the entire team of players. And for this they use all their abilities and special skills.

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