Garten of Banban

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This new horror adventure will take you to a kindergarten. You know well that all kids have mysteriously disappeared from here. So you need to explore the place again. No matter what rumors may float about this empty building, you need to visit it. But are you brave enough to go through a bunch of jumpscares?

Explore every corner!

The territory of the kindergarten is quite big and consists of lots of areas. You will have to thoroughly study all of them. Luckily, you will get a special device that will help you reach the most distant corners. It is a little drone you can fly all over. But do not forget to find batteries for it. There are surely some hints here that will help you understand the reason for the mysterious events that happened here before. That secret surely has a clue, and you cannot leave the place now without finding it. But, even if you want to leave, you cannot now! Very soon, you will learn you are not alone here. There are lots of dangerous creatures that used to entertain kids not so long ago. But look, they are not in the mood to play! And it seems you are in trouble!

Face terrible mascots!

To your greatest shock, you will find out that this place is not abandoned as you mistakenly believed. It is inhabited by lots of weird creatures. And now these beasts will keep you trapped! You never know who will pop up in front of you in the next room you open! So you must move around with extreme care and solve lots of puzzles to find a way to escape them. Do not allow the evil toys to turn you into their victim. Use all the tips you find to understand how to get out of this terrible place!

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