Poppy Playtime Chapter 2

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If you have already heard about Poppy Playtime, you already know that the abandoned toy factory turned out to be a home to dozens of monsters. And these are not aliens or zombies but plain toys! Can you imagine that friendly characters turned into bloodthirsty beasts? No one can tell exactly what happened here many years ago but all people vanished once and forever. Since that time, everyone tried to keep away from this terrible place. But one guy still does not believe in all these rumors and mystery and decides to go there himself to see everything with his own eyes. Once the hero enters the premises, everything looks as he expected – emptiness and lots of cobweb. So he started to explore the factory and got so involved that did not notice that it got dark. And suddenly, everything around changed, and he found himself surrounded by lots of toys that came to life. Unfortunately, they are no longer nice and friendly but cruel and aggressive.

The appearance of this uninvited guest made them even more furious and they want to deal with him immediately. Will you help the hero survive in this nest of the evil? Despite lots of enemies around, he still needs to complete his mission and find the clue to all the secrets of the past. But now the task becomes even more complicated as he must survive! The first dangerous monster to defeat is Huggy Wuggy. It is enough to look at him to feel terrified. This toy is huge in size and ominously grinning from ear to ear. It is more than clear that this smile does not mean the creature is going to make friends with you. On the contrary, the moment he gets close enough to his opponent, he will squeeze him so tight that there will be no chances to remain alive. Huggy Wuggy will be following you on your heels everywhere you go. So be very careful not to be frightened by a heartbreaking screamer or scary steps right behind your back. This horrible villain will try to bewilder you and attack at the most favorable moment. You should not stop solving puzzles and completing various tasks to prevent the monster from catching you. But even when you manage to get rid of this dangerous character, it is too early to relax. Unfortunately, Huggy Wuggy has lots of assistants around that will immediately continue to chase. Get prepared to face Kissy Missy, a sister of the blue beast. Are you smart enough to trick another plush enemy? Let’s see it together in Poppy Playtime Chapter 2!

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